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Studies « Research »

Our "Research & Development" profile enables us to propose innovative concepts such as « Patient-Leader » studies, translational research studies (fMRI, innovative biomarkers, modeling, ...) and studies with behavioral parameters as biomarkers.

"Research" studies allow to better know the profile and benefits of a molecule, for example in order to determine a better positioning and better market access.


"Patient-Leader" studies:

The ultimate purpose of medicine is to cure patients, or at least to decrease the suffering and discomfort bound to the disease. In this way, the "Patient Reported Outcomes" character can and must be recognized as privileged criteria in the same way as that life extension.

That is why Qualissima decided to be mainly interested in the "Patient Leader" studies, for which data are collected directly from the patient via new or nomad technologies (web, mobile phones, electronic pens, tablet, etc) in order to collect as close as possible to the patient, any information related to the efficiency, the tolerance and the observance of one or several treatments.

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